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Low Back Pain

Dr. Colin Miller PT, DPT

Optimum Physical Therapy + Performance in San Francisco, California Can Help You Say Goodbye to Back Pain

Don’t allow back pain to hinder you from enjoying your preferred activities. Our team of skilled physical therapists can help you in feeling your best. We customize our physical therapy services to suit your requirements and help you resume your regular activities.

Discover Relief From Back Pain With Our Individualized Physical Therapy Treatment Plans.

Back pain is a prevalent and incapacitating issue that affects millions of individuals worldwide, regardless of their gender, age, or lifestyle. If you are among those millions who suffer from back pain, you understand how enfeebling and incapacitating it can be. It is frequently assumed that back pain is a natural aspect of life and will resolve on its own, but that is not always the case!

Our highly skilled physical therapists can help pinpoint potential causes of your back pain and design an individualized plan specifically for you. Collaborating with you will guarantee that your distinct requirements are fulfilled, allowing you to achieve your objectives.

We Strongly Believe That Everyone Deserves to Live Without Experiencing Back Pain!

Low back pain and sciatica are among the most prevalent issues we encounter in our practice. Consequently, we recognize the difficulties that arise as a result of these conditions. We are knowledgeable about treating back pain, enhancing mobility, and aiding you in returning to your favorite activities. Allow us to assist you in attaining the life you desire!

Here’s What You Should Know About Back Pain.

What Exactly Is Back Pain?

Back pain refers to the discomfort or pain that occurs in the muscles, nerves, and bones of the back. This condition can impact the entire spine and is frequently described by patients as sharp, dull, or aching, with accompanying sensations of stiffness, numbness, or tingling.

Back Pain Side Effects

Back pain can have a substantial impact on your general well-being, and ultimately your quality of life. This pain can impede your ability to perform everyday activities, such as bending over, lifting, or sustaining a particular position for extended periods. Disregarding back pain or attempting to self-treat it can potentially result in further injury or deterioration of the condition.

What Are the Factors That Contribute to Back Pain?

Multiple factors may lead to back pain, and identifying the root cause is crucial to obtain adequate treatment. Our physical therapists can assist in pinpointing potential causes of your back pain and target those issues to help you achieve your desired goals.

Investigating Back Pain Categories

There are primarily two types of back pain: acute and chronic.

  • Typically resulting from an injury, Acute Back Pain is a temporary condition that usually lasts between a few days and three months.
  • Chronic Back Pain, on the other hand, is an ongoing and persistent discomfort that extends beyond three months. The severity, duration, and frequency of the pain can be influenced by several factors, such as previous injuries and underlying medical conditions. Chronic back pain can significantly impede daily activities and reduce your overall well-being.

Recognizing Typical Areas of Back Pain Along the Spinal Column.

How Can Physical Therapy Help Alleviate Back Pain?

Utilizing exercises, manual therapy, modalities, education, and other methods, physical therapy is a non-invasive, medication-free method of addressing back pain. Its primary objectives include reducing pain, enhancing mobility, strengthening the muscles in the back and core, and ultimately enhancing the overall quality of life.

What Are the Benefits of Seeking Treatment From Professionals Such as Optimum Physical Therapy + Performance?

Our clinic exclusively employs Doctorates of Physical Therapy, each of whom has undergone rigorous training and holds a professional license. We rely on evidence-based techniques to deliver treatments that are both effective and safe for our patients.

In our clinic, several techniques are employed to alleviate back pain. These techniques include, but are not limited to:

How We Provide Care

Optimum Physical Therapy + Performance prioritizes the well-being of all our patients by employing personalized care strategies.

Our process commences with a comprehensive assessment that considers your general health, posture, strength, flexibility, pain levels, and unique objectives. We guarantee customized treatment to efficiently and effectively alleviate symptoms of back pain and aid in your recovery to regular daily routines.

Our clinic’s back pain relief physical therapy is tailored to your unique condition after a thorough evaluation of your medical history, existing symptoms, and underlying conditions.

We adhere to evidence-based practices, and our team of caregivers utilizes the latest research and current treatments that have been clinically validated to alleviate back pain effectively.

Our commitment is to provide you with comprehensive education about your condition, treatment plan, and expectations throughout the physical therapy process.

We ensure your active participation in your care, which includes adhering to the treatment plan, attending appointments, and notifying your care team of any changes or concerns.

We help identify any underlying factors that contribute to your back pain, such as poor posture, muscle imbalances, nerve tension, and inflammation. By addressing these issues, we aim to prevent future back pain episodes and enhance your overall health and well-being.

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