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Physical Therapy Services

Return To The Gym

This program has been designed specifically to allow those who are having pain with functional movements such as squats, deadlifts, lunges, push and pulls to get back to the gym and perform these movements pain-free.

Return to CrossFit

This program has been designed for CrossFit athletes who are having difficulty completing their WOD due to pain, instability or poor mobility. This program is used to find deficits and fix certain movement patterns and lifts to create a better athlete.

Return to Pain

This Free Lifestyle Program is for the everyday mover who is having pain in their daily living. Whether it be chronic or acute pain, a recent surgery or injury; this program is used to give you the care and tools to return to a pain-free lifestyle.

Return to Sport

This program is for the recreational athlete all the way to professional. This program is used to create a better athlete than prior to the injury. Whether that be faster, stronger, bigger or all the above. Most importantly, to create a “bulletproof” body that is least likely to have that injury reoccur.

Return To Running

This program has been designed to work with all levels of runners; whether it be recreational runners who want to be able to run their first 5K, consistent marathoners/ultrarunners, and all the way up to runners competing in the Olympic trials.

What Makes Optimum PT+ Performance Different


One-on-One For A Full Hour With Your Doctor of Physical Therapy, Every Visit

To ensure that you are getting the highest quality of care. Every session will be one on one with a doctor of PT. No aids, no techs. Just individualized care for you with your doctor


24 Hour Response Time

We are 100% committed to your recovery. Throughout your rehab process your therapist will always be accessible for any questions you may have

Wholistic Care

You're More Than A Diagnosis

At Optimum Physical Therapy + Performance we take a look at the whole body. We are aware that the location of your pain is not always the cause. Not only do we improve your pain and reduce your symptoms, but we address the root cause of the issue and work to make your body more resilient in order to prevent further injuries.

Cost Transparency

You'll Never Get a Bill From Us Months Later After Your Visit

Unlike many physical therapy clinics- you won’t get any bills months following finishing PT. With Optimum Physical Therapy + Performance you will never be surprised by a bill you were not anticipating.


We Understand the Demands of Your Life and/or Sport

We walk the talk! As physical therapists who exercise and participate in a large variety of activities/sports ourselves we understand what it takes. While many physicians and physical therapists will simply tell you to stop your desired activity we understand that avoiding the things that you enjoy most because of an injury is no way to live. Because of our background we know the importance of keeping you in the activities you love and we find ways to modify your training so you can stay in your sport throughout the rehab process.

Want To Get Relief Faster?

Choose which option works best for you.

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