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Shoulder and Neck Pain

Dr. Colin Miller PT, DPT

A Message From Dr. Colin Miller PT, DPT Owners & Founders Of Optimum Physical Therapy + Performance

One common question that people ask when living with neck and shoulder pain is:

“Why Am I Experiencing This?” and “After Enduring It for 6 Months or More, Why Am I Still Experiencing Neck and Shoulder Pain?” Are Questions Frequently Asked by Those Who Suffer From This Condition?

Many individuals hold the belief that if they experience neck or shoulder pain, it will naturally subside over time. They may expect that one day they will wake up and the discomfort will disappear entirely. However, in reality, after six months have passed, the pain may persist and intensify, rather than improve as hoped.

Do You Sound That Way?

When patients visit the doctor, they are frequently advised to rest and “try these painkillers” to “see how it goes.” In our physical therapy clinic, we see this all the time. When it hasn’t improved after 6 weeks, they return to the same doctor, only to get ANOTHER prescription for even stronger medications.

Have You Ever Experienced Something Similar?

Maybe you’re stumped because multiple people have told you different things. Perhaps you believe you have a neck problem, but it is a shoulder condition. It can be difficult to pinpoint the source of a problem in the neck and shoulders, causing patients to postpone deciding on what to do to assist relieve their pain. Worse, many people simply accept it as “part of life,” as if it’s natural or “has to” be this way.

Would You Agree With This?

If You Have Neck or Shoulder Pain, Here Are 7 More Reasons Why It May Be Lingering Longer Than Necessary:

  1. You expected it to go away on its own, but it didn’t.
  2. You visited the doctor, who advised you to rest and take pain relievers. But the medicines didn’t work, and once they were gone, your neck and shoulders hurt again.
  3. You just accepted it because a family member or acquaintance informed you that everyone suffers neck and shoulder pain as they get older.
  4. You’ve tried to obtain help from other doctors or a physical therapist in the past, but nothing they said or did seem to help.
  5. You’ve tried heating pads and TENS machines, but they’ve had no effect.
  6. You thought resting would be a good option because your neck or shoulder pain was so severe, but it still irritates you daily.
  7. You had a few “massages” to try to relieve your discomfort, but all they did was make you feel better and relaxed. They did nothing to permanently end the anguish.

If any of these things have happened to you, we would love to assist you by encouraging you to schedule a call with one of our Physical Therapists to find out what we can do to help you. Because you’ve tried some or all of these things, we know what doesn’t work, which means we’re getting closer to discovering what does. If you want to get some solid guidance, use the link below to schedule a call with us:

The second question we are frequently asked is:

"What Can You Do to Relieve Neck and Shoulder Pain?"

Here are four ideas to get you started:

  1. First, you must decide whether or not to seek assistance. Many people put off seeking treatment for neck and shoulder pain because they believe it will “go away with time.” But they’re still putting up with it six months later, and either nothing has changed or the agony has gotten worse.
  2. Perform the APPROPRIATE exercises. Doing the correct set of advanced exercises is one of the finest strategies to relieve neck and/or shoulder discomfort. The appropriate exercises prescribed by a Physical Therapist will assist in minimizing pain, allow you to move freely again fast, and ensure that the problems do not reoccur.
  3. Avoid sitting or sleeping in awkward positions: Have you ever woken up with a stiff neck? Did your shoulders feel tense after a long day of sitting? This is because sitting or sleeping in an awkward position is one of the worst things you can do for your neck or shoulders. Along with hands-on treatment, it would be extremely beneficial if you were shown the proper exercises to strengthen your muscles and improve your posture. This would allow you to resume your active and healthy lifestyle as soon as feasible.
  4. Receive genuine “hands-on” physical therapy. Physical therapy has been demonstrated to help people with neck and shoulder pain. It is, in fact, one of the most common issues we face at Optimum Physical Therapy + Performance. If your neck and/or shoulder pain is making it difficult for you to do your job, if tightness or tension in your shoulders is preventing you from sleeping, preventing you from staying active, threatening your independence, or preventing you from spending time with family and friends, physiotherapy can help you get back to living the life you deserve as soon as possible.

If you’d like to learn more about how the Physical Therapy team at Optimum Physical Therapy + Performance may help you live with reduced neck and shoulder pain, we welcome you, to begin with, a fully free, no-obligation, risk-free session at our San Francisco, California facility.

Now the Question Is:

"How Can Going To A Physical Therapist At Optimum Physical Therapy + Performance Help You Get Rid Of Neck And/Or Shoulder Pain?"

Essentially, the Physical Therapy Team at Optimum Physical Therapy + Performance can assist you in getting rid of daily, bothersome, and long-term neck and shoulder pain so you may get back to living your life.

Please click the button below and fill out the short form to find out how much it costs and if we have any openings at our San Francisco, California clinic:

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