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Why Optimum PT + Performance

get back to your workouts and activities pain-free

All our clients that walk through our door are considered an athlete and will be treated as such. From customized 1-on-1 care that is individualized to the client as well as attentiveness to details in the clinic and communication outside of the clinic. We will return you to not only pain-free movement, but exceed your prior level of function and make you the best version of yourself.



We are personally and collectively responsible for delivering on our commitments to provide the best care possible.


We recognize that every patient, injury, and recovery is different and therefore proactively pursue new and customized treatments to serve our clients.


We act with kindness, empathy and caring for all those we serve.


By focusing on being the best, we deliver an experience that exceeds our client’s highest expectations.


We honor the inherent value of every individual’s unique story, experience, contributions and perspective.


We will uphold the highest standards of stewardship, honesty, transparency and integrity in all that we do.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Optimum Physical Therapy + Performance in Walnut Creek, CA

-Deepa A.


I have had sessions with 3 other therapists and Colin is by far the best. Other therapists have done assessments and prescribed general at-home exercises to target and reduce the source of pain. Dr Colin has a very wholistic approach. He uses not just exercises, but also alternative therapies like cupping and adjustments. The best part of his treatment is the manual therapy. He is able to locate the muscle or vertebrae causing pain and manipulate it to relax and ease it back into range of motion. In my most recent visit I had a back sprain due to heavy deadlifts and after an hour of treatment was back to almost full range of motion and minimal pain the next day! Highly recommend.

-Fred K.


I have had ankle problems for 7+ years and knee problems for 15+ years in my right leg. While these problems don’t affect my ability to walk or run on a day-to-day basis, when they flare up it is an issue – sitting on planes for long periods on cross-country flights, standing for long periods at concerts etc. I would also frequently sprain my ankle. I’ve seen doctors when symptoms flare up but never had anything work longterm. After a recent injury where I hyperextended my right toe, I thought it was time to invest in really fixing the root issues.

I have been working with Colin for 3 months and my right leg has totally changed. He understands and explains how all of the intricacies of every muscle and tendon in the leg need to work correctly together. I discovered that much of my pain is due to my ankle and knee compensating for other tight or undeveloped muscles. We spent time building mobility and stability in every part of my leg, starting with my feet. We also spend time on basic form – how to walk, run, and do other basic exercises correctly. My right leg is feeling so much better now and I have the tools myself to maintain the change. I’m very glad I invested the time and energy into this process. Thanks, Colin!

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